BT's Big Switch Off

And How It Affects You

Typically, BT will notify end users by email to say that their service will be upgrade to digital voice. They will need to plug their phone into the back of their BT router on such a day; normally only giving 14 days from this email. The problem with this is that many High-End homes do not use the standard BT router as they require greater control, security and flexibility to manage their network.

What Does This Mean?

Well… the bottom line is that the customer will lose their number and telephone services.

The Solution

Bespoke Telecoms have a new range of IP telephone services and products, like our PhoneLine+ service. A simple, competitively priced solution, specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service, with new VoIP technology, to deliver voice calls over a broadband network and most importantly, letting you retain your existing phone number.

Added Advantages

Free Local, National and Mobile Calls.
A mobile app that allows you to answer your home phone from anywhere, and to make calls.
Receive email notifications of all missed calls or voicemails.

Need Help or Support?

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