Video Door & Gate Entry Systems

A stylish door or gate intercom by Bespoke Telecoms & CCTV will always provide a proper welcome for your visitors. In addition to its modern design, created using extremely durable materials, you are sure to appreciate its unique functions. You will not only increase your home’s security, but afford your family a feeling of safety.

  • See & speak to your visitors on stylish indoor screens or mobile devices from anywhere
  • Open your front gate at the touch of a button
  • Integrated access control systems for PIN, Fob, Fingerprint or Mobile entry
  • Video log of all visitors

Sleek, sophisticated, smart. An eye catching answering screen that combines style with functionality.

Once your visitor has called, you can communicate through the indoor answering touch screen. Once verified, you can allow them access to through the gate or door with the touch of a button. These IP systems have additional features such as gate latch; for when you are expecting multiple visitors or time scheduled opening & closing.

Flush to the wall or on a table – no matter where you want to put the screen, we will have a solution.

Mobile Video App

The ability to be reached when away from home or knowing what is going on in front of your house could come in handy whether you are at work, walking the dog or on holiday with your family. Thanks to the Mobile Video app, a call from the door or gate rings directly to your smartphone and you can then view and speak with your visitor and allow access or let them know when they will be able to catch you at home.

Video Entry Systems for Luxury Homes & Country Estates

A system to suit every property. Get in touch for a consultation and survey