Wi-Fi & Network Solutions

Today's modern homes have become increasingly interconnected with the internet so it’s important to a install fast, secure, robust and reliable Wi-Fi Network and Data Infrastructure covering not just inside the home but outdoors as well, whether it be for streaming music in the garden or software updates on your car.

In a home where just your Wi-Fi router may be sufficient, things may work just fine, but in larger homes spread across multiple floors and buildings, you may find coverage is poor or non-existence. The solution to this is to have a professionally installed managed Wi-Fi network solution which gives seamless handover whilst walking around as well as the best possible speed and coverage at all times.

With almost every home having a level of “Smart Home” functions, whether that is through Entertainment systems, CCTV, Security, Home Office, Climate Control etc. All of these systems rely on a robust data network to ensure there is no disruption to your everyday life, this is why we will only install the most reliable equipment.

Wi-Fi and Networks for Luxury Homes and Country Estates

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